"Get me the Mac guys!"

Times are uncertain in the newspaper industry. Big papers are shutting their doors, caught in a perfect storm of new media and the Great Recession. In papers of all sizes, in most markets, staff sizes, page size, page count – and content, it seems – have been declining for some time. Of late, revenue and circulation have been going with them.

You wonder if the amazing shrinking newspaper can get smaller and survive. Even in smaller markets, where weeklies and dailies are still making it, ad revenues are down and flat is considered a victory. And the industry as a whole is still struggling to come to (necessarily profitable) terms with the internet.

Yet to keep the doors open and preserve the institution – much less, prosper – publishers have to keep the technology working. They may need more and smarter technology, and next generation software, to find their way to the New Paper which will emerge from the current shaking.

For most that means continued investment in Macs – whether maintenance and fractional updates to hold the status quo, or new gear, major upgrades, and all the transitional hassle that comes with that. Maybe you upgraded to new hardware, Mac OS, and applications before the bottom fell out, and are still struggling to implement it smoothly. Or you haven't done it yet and now have failing hardware, dicey internet access, and no choice but to do something. Then you find the hardware won't run the old software, and you have to change platforms: won't that break the bank (where they may or may not have a loan for you) and disrupt production?

Like you need this, right?

What if someone really knew what you're going through, and could not only sort out the basic technical issues, but offer no-nonsense solutions on a comprehensive scale across your operation from planning to pressroom? What if someone knew not only Macs, but newspapers, and could help you turn new technology into advantage, not an adversary?

Well, that's us. Point Click & Drag - The Mac Guys.

We specialize in Mac publishing systems, and newspapers comprise about 80% of our client list. We've worked with publishers all over the US, from their first exposure to Macs and desktop publishing to current Intel and OSX upgrades, pagination, PDF workflow issues, and internet implementation.

We've worked with publishing applications from their earliest versions. QuarkXPress, the Adobe suite, Creator, Suitcase font management, and proprietary newspaper-specific applications: we've installed, trained, and supported it. We've also visited newspapers of various sizes, across the country, in times good and bad.

We don't say we've seen it all; there's always something new. But we've seen a lot, and we're pretty hard to rattle. At the moment, we're concerned about newspapers, sure. But we believe in the missions of journalism, and in newspapers as engines not only of community, but of economic activity in their hometowns. We have some strong ideas about what newspapers need to do to remain relevant and compelling. We've partnered with developers of next-generation production, advertising, and sales management software, because we know making faster, wider, and more efficient use of the news your people gather and the customer info in your business office is key to survival and growth.

What's more, we see signs of resilience and hope out there, and are confident of a bright future for publishers who bring unique, dynamic hyper-local content to their markets. We don't claim to have all the answers – but we think we can help.

Point, Click and Drag are the gold standard by which all other publishing based-IT providers should be measured. Their technical knowledge, customer service and operational advice are second-to-none. Signing on with PC&D 8 years ago was THE BEST investment we could make to protect our network and operations infrastructure. Simply put, their partnership has been invaluable.

Rick W. Titus
Creative Director
IT Co-Director,
Business First of Columbus, OH